Haflinger Size Chart

Find the right shoe size

Slippers and clogs have to do one thing above all - fit!  Because only if the shoes are the right size can they ensure the best comfort, support and health for your feet. 

Here you will find step-by-step instructions to find the right shoe size for you


Why shoe size matters

It is not often easy to determine which is the correct shoe size.  Shoe sizes can differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even between different styles from the same manufacturer.

You may find your usual size fits for one brand, but suddenly no longer for another one. 

It is important that the feet have enough space to be able to move naturally. The shoes must not be too small or too big. After all, healthy walking should not be hindered. This means that the slippers:

  • must not constrict the foot
  • the foot should not swim in the shoe either

The material is also crucial for the perfect fit. Natural materials, such as fluffy new wool or soft leather, are flexible enough to adapt to your feet!


How do I measure my shoe size?  Our step-by-step guide

To find the perfect size you need to measure your feet. Don't worry, it's not difficult and can be done quickly. 
Follow this step by step guide on how to get your ideal shoe size:

Step 1: Stand barefoot on a flat surface with your heel against the wall.
Step 2: Place a ruler or tape measure next to your foot so that it also touches the wall.
Step 3: Now read the length of your foot at the tip of your longest toe and note the value.
Step 4: Compare the measured value with our size chart and find your shoe size.

A few additional tips to obtain a successful measurement:

  • You should measure your foot while standing so that it is fully loaded with your body weight. The value will be slightly different when sitting or crouching.
  • It is best to measure the foot in the afternoon or evening because your feet are always a bit swollen. This reduces the risk of choosing shoes that are too small.
  • If your foot is between two sizes, we recommend the larger shoe size
  • If you have feet of different sizes, also adjust to the larger foot.
  • Specific fitting information is shown in each product description, please read these carefully and adapt the size accordingly.
  • Haflinger styles, even when similar, have very different fitting.


Determine the right shoe size with our size chart

Now that you have measured your feet you can find here which size is best for you. We have already factored in the necessary buffer for room at the end of the shoes.
Be aware that the size chart is indicative and relates to the foot length only, width or depth are not factored in.


Now you have your Haflinger pair, how to be sure it fits...

In order to find out whether the slippers or clogs are really the right one for you, you have to try on the pair

You should be aware and notice the following:

  • Be sure to try on both shoes at the same time.
  • Walk up and down your house for a few minutes to see how the shoes feel. In case, it is best to wear the socks or stockings that you want to wear in everyday life.
  • Pay attention not only to the length of the shoe, but also to the width. Is the shoe wide enough so you feel comfortable in it?  Is it deep enough not to rub on the tops of your toes?
  • The shoe fits perfectly if the toes and the heel have enough space during the entire rolling movement of the feet and it doesn't press anywhere.

Does the size still not quite fit? No problem, you can send all Haflinger shoes back to us for an exchange or a refund.

Did you find the model you want and the shoe fits perfectly? Then enjoy your new slippers!