Haflinger Leather Clogs

Written by BoostCommerce Collaborator


Posted on August 14 2019

Haflinger leather clogs 

For the many fans of Haflinger’s leather clogs – you will be thrilled to hear that they’re back in stock!  And for those of you who haven’t yet discovered the leather clogs, read on to find out what all the fuss is about…

Haflinger are probably best known for their woollen slippers, but they also produce high quality leather clogs.  Based on Haflinger’s natural and anatomically shaped cork & latex footbeds, they are cushioned whilst offering good support for the feet.  The uppers are oiled leather and have a waxy feel to them, rather than a shiny leather, so are stylishly casual while the shape gives plenty of toe room for day-long comfort.  The linings are all premium leather, maintaining a healthy environment for your feet.  Quick and easy to slip on and off, the leather clogs are the perfect house shoe and with the grippy rubber outsole they’re handy for nipping outside.

Malmo is the classic style, a clean and minimal design. The Travel clog is very similar to Malmo, but has slightly chunkier appearance, due to the feature white stitching around the welt.  Both styles are best for a wide or full foot.  The Esbjerg clog has a padded panel over the instep and is a snugger fit, still wide but shallow, so better for those with a slimmer foot or low instep.  Lastly the Kolding clog features an apron front, so an interesting style if you don’t want something quite so minimal.  Kolding is roomier than Esbjerg but not quite as roomy as Malmo and Travel. 

All the styles are unisex, so we stock sizes from 36 to 46 and up to 47 in Travel clog.

And finally, we want to let you in on a secret…it seems that the leather clogs are a favourite of customers in the UK.  So here at Shoegarden we have the biggest selection available online globally.  In fact, you may be hard pushed to find them stocked at all by other retailers.  Have a look at our great selection here: