Stegmann Graz leather clogs

Written by Shoegarden Info


Posted on February 06 2019

Stegmann are an Austrian brand manufacturing woollen & leather clogs.  We recently decided to try out their leather Graz clogs and we think you’ll be tempted to give them a try too!

The Graz clogs are manufactured in Portugal where there is a long history of shoemaking. They have an anatomically shaped cork footbed, offering good support for your arches and insulation from cold floors.  A layer of cushioning on the footbed stops them from feeling too hard underfoot.  The raised leather rim around the heel helps to keep the clogs on your feet while the foot-shaped last ensures that your toes are not squashed up and can maintain their natural shape.  The leather uppers are soft and flexible. The lining is also leather meaning the uppers are breathable and this stops your feet from overheating.  It also allows the uppers to gently conform to the shape of your feet making them very comfortable indeed! 

In all sizes the classic upper design is finished with a suede band around the opening. 

We have tried out the Stegmann clogs here in the office and find them very comfortable and supportive.  They are a shallower fit over the instep than the Haflinger Malmo & Travel clogs, so if you tried these and found them too baggy over the top of your foot, the Graz clogs should fit you better.

Take a look at our Stegmann clogs here: