How to clean your woollen Haflinger slippers

Written by Shoegarden Info


Posted on May 10 2021

How to clean your woollen Haflinger slippers

Haflinger’s range of slippers are made from 100% pure new wool.  Some of the styles are made from soft knitted wool while others are felted wool, which is slightly stiffer and more robust. 

Cleaning your slippers depends on which style you have; if it is Flair, Alaska or Everest/Dakota then the slippers can be handwashed, or machine washed on a wool cycle at 30⁰. 
Use a gentle detergent formulated for wool and do not use fabric softener. Allow the slippers to dry naturally afterwards, don’t tumble dry them or put them on a hot radiator. 
The Cashmere slippers may be handwashed gently and must air dry.

!!! In the Everest/Dakota styles, the removable insoles need to be removed before washing the slippers.  These removable insoles can be replaced if they are damaged or worn out. 
Please note that you should not wash the slippers frequently, but the occasional wash is fine.

Clog style with a cork footbed cannot be washed
You can spot clean the uppers with a gentle detergent solution; use a damp cloth and avoid the cork. 

If you're unsure which slippers you have, just email us a photo and we'll identify them for you!