Glerups slippers for men and women

Written by Shoegarden Info


Posted on September 27 2019

Glerups slippers

Twenty-six years ago, Danish mother Nanny Glerup hand-crafted a pair of slippers using the wool from her own sheep.  More pairs followed as her slippers became popular with family & friends and soon after, her hobby became a business - Glerups was born. 

Today Glerups are produced in Romania using the same Danish craftsmanship and design.  They now use a blend of wool from native Gotland sheep and soft wool from New Zealand, with all the farmers having to meet Glerups’ high standards of animal welfare and quality. 

The wool is first washed in soft water; this activates the lanolin and lye naturally present in the wool, creating a natural soap to clean it.  After this it is carded and felted.  The resulting felt is durable, but breathable and soft. 

The felted wool is made into “socks” which are steamed to ensure an excellent shape & fit, then the soft calfskin soles are glued and sewn on.  The result?  Glerups’ iconic slippers, lightweight, durable and very comfortable.

At Shoegarden we stock 4 unisex styles, shoe and mule, with soft calfskin soles or sturdy rubber sole.  We have a wide range of colours and sizes for men and women, from EU 36 to 47 (UK 3 to 12.5).

Have a look at our Glerups range here and feel how comfortable your feet can be in these Danish-designed wonder slippers!

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