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Po-Zu Jules Blue
Po-Zu Jules Blue
Po-Zu Jules Red
Po-Zu Jules Blue
Po-Zu shoes contruction

Po-Zu Red

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Po-Zu is an award-winning sustainable footwear brand, currently ranked the UK’s No. 1 Ethical Shoe Brand

Po-Zu - shoes with a good sole!

Lovely spring/summer styles featuring a cut out design and cotton laces.
Great for a laid-back yet feminine look. 

This style is made of natural and sustainable materials: 

  • Chrome-Free Leather
    Dyed on the exterior surface of leather only
  • 60% Coconut Husk, 40% Natural Latex 
    6mm thick (removable)
    Moulds to your foot shape
    Highly breathable to keep your feet dry
    Provides good insulation
  • Natural Latex sole 

Here at Shoegarden we love to support companies with environmental friendly practices and Po-Zu is one of them (Certified by the Ethical Company Organisation as a company upholding human rights, animal welfare and the environment)

Read more about the brand HERE.

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