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Healthy Back Bag Textured Nylon - Purple
Healthy Back Bag Textured Nylon - Purple

Healthy Back Bag Textured Nylon - Purple


Going on a holiday soon? This bag is ideal for sightseeing as you can hold all your daily essentials in one secure place. 

The Healthy Back bag lives up to it's name. It contours to your back, helping to avoid shoulder and back problems. Resting in the correct place on the small of your back it distributes the weight of the carried objects evenly and safely.

You can wear the Healthy Back bag over either shoulder or across the body and it has multiple compartments and space for multi functional purposes.

The nylon material is hardwearing, machine washable and water resistant, which makes it perfect for everyday wear and an active, outdoor lifestyle.

  • Identical pocket configurations, 4 on the outside and 5 or 6 on the inside
  • A key hook and D-ring at the top of the bag
  • Silver lining to make contents more visible
  • A full-length double zip which is always against the back, whichever way the back is worn.
  • If the pulls for the zipper are towards the bottom of the bag then users can access the contents without removing the bag
  • There are 4 or more separate compartments on the outside of the bag which are secured with a zip, velcro, or magnets

Size: Small
Capacity: 6 litres
Weight: 354 g
Dimensions: 43 cm × 23 cm × 15 cm

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