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Arche Gethan Havane
Arche Gethan Havane
Arche Gethan Havane

Arche Gethan Havane

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Classic and stylish Arche design, very comfortable for all day wear.

Made from supple scratch resistant nubuck leather.

This style features cushioned foot bed with durable all natural Latex unit outsole for maximum shock absorption and comfort.

The LACTAE HEVEA® sole is unique due to the alveolar micro-structure consisting of a vast amount of air bubbles that function as an incredible shock absorber. It has been scientifically proven that this unique structure absorbs up to 50% of the shock experienced by the foot while walking.

Fit Comfortably snug. Arche leathers generally give by 10% to 15% and will gently shape and conform to the foot.

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